Dish Of The Day


Try our special Russian pelemi.

Made from fresh, kosher meat.

Freshly made and prepared just for you.

  • Dough
  • Onions
  • Chicken or Beef


Just what Portland needed... Authentic Russian-Uzbeki restaurant. Our restaurant serves fresh, gourmet food that's prepared when ordered. We have many dishes that will make your mouth water and your taste buds go wild. Lamb kabobs, Uzbeki Pilaf, Russian Borsh, Chicken Tabaka and many more tasty dishes.

Visit our location at 18488 E Burnside St. Portland, OR 97233 or call (503) 328-6057 to book a table or place a to-go order.


PRICE $8.95

Uzbek Plov

PRICE $8.95

Chicken Tabaka

PRICE $14.95


PRICE $8.95

Main Dishes Kabobs
Order our signature lamb kabob, we also prepare chicken and beef kabobs.

Two skewers of juicy meat marinated with coriander. Choice of beef, lamb or chicken, grilled over charcoal. Served with onions, rice or mashed potatoes and vegetables.


01We marinade the meat in our special sauce to soften it up and give it the best flavor and tenderness.

02After the meat is tender we then cook it on open fire to keep the flavor and give it that special taste.


  • Your choice of lamb, beef or chicken meat.
  • Marinade.
  • Wild rice.
  • Carrot salad.

  • Uzbek Pilaf
    Uzbek Pilaf
  • Chicken Tabaka
    Chicken Tabaka
  • Lamb Kabobs
    Lamb Kabobs
  • Dumpling Soup
    Dumpling Soup
  • Chicken Strips
    Chicken Strips
  • Raviolis
  • Salads